Land front constructions in 1914

A most common construction during the temporary field defense era, was a stone wall which was covered using sand or soil. The bank was approximately 1.5 - 2 meters high. Some places you can still find a short part of a firing platform.

A sand covered stone wall. Most of the sand has flowed away. A picture from Käpylä, object number 1914:35a (1999).

Most of the banks were built on the top of the high hills. The redoubt is a construction where a single bank or group of banks consist a closed ring on the top of the hill. Inside of the bank are small traverses after every ten meters. Traverses are used as a splinter protection. Sometimes there are also small banks covering the rear of the shooting positions. Machine gun positions are simply small pits in the banks. Sometimes they are strengthened by using stones, for example in Ruskeasuo, object 1914:23a.

Wooden constructions have disappeared.  Shelters and dugouts are also decomposed almost totally. Some banks have remained in quite good condition, but some sand banks which were built on top of the cliffs become lower by erosion.

Building of temporally field fortifications was finished in the end of 1914. At the same time new defense lines were started to build further off the town.

Redoubt 1914:62
Redoubt in Herttoniemi (object 1914:62). Middle of the object have been built jumping hill and sawdust tracks when some of the banks were destroyed.


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