Firing positions and observation posts

A cross-section of the machine gun position. Right: a cross-section of ammunition niche.
Note hollow for machine gun stand under the embrasure. (Detail from Russian construction
drawing, National Board of Antiquities, archives of the Department of Monuments and

A machine gun position without roof in the steep hill side. Pihlajamäki. (1982)

A small observation post which was maybe also used as a riffle firing position. Roof was destroyed when the steel balks were blown out for scrap metal after the war. Maununneva. (1998) 

A small covered observation or firing post. Mäkkylä. (1984)

A cupola-shape rifle position with three embrasures. Ruukinranta. (1999)

A firing position for eight riflemen. The roof is collapsed or unfinished. Mäkkylä. (2000)

An open U-shaped position for the search light. Paloheinä. (1999)


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