ptri 65
A battery for four mortars in Myllypuro. In the picture emplacement for 280 mm (11") mortar. Front: a base for the gun; behind: two recesses for ammunitions. (1999)

ptri 104
280 mm (11") mortar in it's emplacement in Leppävaara, battery 104, spring 1918. Note the net for camouflage over the emplacement. (Picture from book: Suomen Vapaussota kuvissa - II osa, Otava 1934)

152 mm (6") Canet cannon in the land front of Helsinki 1918. Shelters were between the gun
emplacements and under the embankment. (Photo: Military museum)

152/22 D
152 mm 190 puds coastal cannon was the most common gun in the fortress of Helsinki. During the first world war most of these cannons were moved from the sea front to the land front. A picture from Sveaborg museum fortress in the island of Kustaanmiekka. (1997)

152 mm (6") 190 puds cannon in the land front in spring 1918 (Photo: Military museum)

ptri 91
Emplacement for a same type of cannon as above. Wooden constructions have disappeared. Maununneva. (1998)


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