A shelter in Maununneva. (1999)

A small unfinished shelter in the frontline. Maununneva. (1998)

A shelter with wooden walls and concrete roof. Leppävaara 1918. (Picture from the book: Suomen vapaussota kuvissa - II osa, Otava 1934).

A shelter with a concrete roof. Wooden walls have been vanished. Leppävaara. (1983)

A shelter for 50 men. Left: bunks for 10 men and for the non-commissioned officer. Middle: bunks for 30 men and rack for rifles. Right: bunks for 10 men, the office and the telephone. Between entrances is a store. (Detail from Russian construction drawing from year 1916, National Board of Antiquities, archives of the Department of Monuments and Sites)


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