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John Lagerstedt

Markku Saari

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John Lagerstedt
Markku Saari
Photo collections of Rakennushistoriallinen seura Vanhat Muurit ry.
Other photographers and sources are mentioned with pictures.

John Lagerstedt

Marking for bibliography
Lagerstedt, J. and Saari, M. (2002). Krepost Sveaborg - Helsingin maa- ja merilinnoitus ensimmäisen maailmansodan aikana [Krepost Sveaborg - Land and sea fortress of Helsinki during the first world war]. http//
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Both authors have been interested about fortresses many years. John Lagerstedt (born 1965) took his first fortress pictures 1982. Cooperation with Markku Saari (born 1965) started 1996. John Lagerstedt studies archaeology and art history in the Helsinki University.

Authors (1999)
Markku Saari and John Lagerstedt (1999)


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